Friday, January 21, 2011

Which avid advisor on love and relationships was once a serial cheater?

According to the YBF Steve Harvey's ex wife Mary Harvey of 16 years has some very interesting things to say about the best selling author. Now as well now Steve was creeping with his current wife Marjorie while still married to Mary. Check out the video of the ex wife speaking on Steve:


* Mary says Marjorie called their marital home claiming to be "checking up on" her application to work at Steve's suit company. Mary responded, "Well I don't believe I'm taking applications in my kitchen." WOMP.
* Mary said she once confronted Marjorie.
* Mary received a CONFIDENTIAL letter from another of Steve's mistresses named Terry, while she was at the beauty shop. The letter was meant for Steve. And it detailed their cheating escapades, condom usage, hard core anal sex, and an abortion.
* Mary said she and Steve used to steal gas and save coins just to get him to his gigs in their poor and early days.
* Their son, Wynton who is now 12, almost died in childbirth and so did Mary. This was right after she found out Steve was cheating on her.
* She stayed with Steve even though she knew about the cheating because she wanted the family she had worked for and created, and wanted it for her kids.

Issh has officially hit the fan! Thoughts??

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