Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's the Least You Can Believe and Still Be a Christian?

"What's the least I can believe and still be a Christian?" What a great question right?  Martin Thielen a  pastor has written a new book, using the question above as the title. Part one of the book presents 10 things Christians don't need to believe. In short, Christians don't need to believe in closed-minded faith. For example, Christians don't need to believe that:
• God causes cancer, car wrecks and other catastrophes
• Good Christians don't doubt
• True Christians can't believe in evolution
• Woman can't be preachers and must submit to men
• God cares about saving souls but not saving trees
• Bad people will be "left behind" and then fry in hell
• Jews won't make it to heaven
• Everything in the Bible should be taken literally
• God loves straight people but not gay people
• It's OK for Christians to be judgmental and obnoxious

On the other hand, there are things Christians do need to believe, which is the focus of part two of his book. They need to believe in Jesus -- his life, teachings, example, death and resurrection.  Martin says he wrote the book to let people know that a viable alternative exists to arrogant, judgmental, closed-minded religion.

What you think of this open-minded expression of Christian faith? Are we trying to find the easy way out or is Christianity catching up to the 21st century? Sound off here and let me know your thoughts?


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