Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's Hot Topic- Black Men & Weave

As many of you may know, one of my many jobs is being a commercial model. I am also one of the models for Sensual Hair. Being in the industry I wear a lot of weave and change my hairstyle almost as often as I change my clothes.

I have however noticed that not everyone shares my love of weaves/wigs/human hair. In fact many men cant stand weave. I find that black men have very strong opinions about how their women style their hair.Some go as far as forbidding their wives or girlfriends to put any "fake hair" in their head.

Sound off, tell me where do you stand on this. What are your thoughts on weave? Love it or hate?


  1. You know I LOVE weaves. Men don't understand that weaves are not just for length but also for protection. When done RIGHT a weave will GROW YOUR HAIR!!!! I have many Clients that get weaves as a source of protection. Men may not like it but just imagine your woman that has had a weave for 2 years now has hair LONGER than the weave she was wearing? What would you say then?

    Deshathom RT

  2. I love weaves too Kedesha! And you do a great job at installing them :) I think it used to be kinda taboo to wear extensions,but in my eyes it's totally acceptable to wear a weave and own up to it. I think you bring up very valid points, perhaps it's an education issue.

  3. Weaves have given me the freedom from the relaxer! Because of the weave I can rock my natural hair with freedom and ease. And with each new weave, I change my style and get to be someone new! I love it! Any man who wants to be with me will know and understand that my weave and I, we're a package can't get one without the other.

  4. My weave is saving me from going back to the relaxer. That in between stage is horrific. My plan is to not wear my real hair until May and by then it will be long enough for me to style either natural or pressed.


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