Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pregnancy epidemic: 90 teens, 11 percent of student body, pregnant at Frayser High School in Memphis

It must be something in the water. How could this happen? (dont answer that, I know how it happens..but still)

A Memphis high school is scrambling to reduce the number of teen pregnancies after 90 of its students were pregnant sometime this school year. The staggering number of pregnant girls at Frayser High amounted to nearly 11 percent of the school's approximately 800 students.While the numbers at Frayser High were staggering, they weren't that far out of the ordinary for Memphis, where the teen pregnancy rate is between 15 and 25 percent, according to MSNBC.

Are shows like MTV's Teen Mom to blame for this or is just socio-economic factors?

Weigh in here, I would love to hear from you.



  1. I am a parent...these kids..dont listen...they think they know everything
    You tell them no sex...or unprotected sex....they act like...Ohhhhh mom...I know...dem it jus listen and wrap it up..go to school and get a career, a life.
    for girls...swallow that pill and jus dont allow every jack n jill un wrapped in that coothy...dang...

  2. Abstinence is the key! I wish kids would realize all the pitfalls that go into having sex at an early age. It's not easy being a teen mom.

  3. If you ask me...abstinence is NOT realistic. My goodness, do we remember our teen years??? Those hormones are no joke...add that to the fact that teens really do think they know it all and you have a disaster of Epic Proportions.

    I am not a parent, so who am I to say? But what I think is that we have to be open with our children about the pros and cons of sex. We all know the pros...but let's talk openly about STD's, about babies, about the emotional connection, or disconnect, the possible rejection and all that comes with it.

    My belief is that no child should be having sex. I think sex should be enjoyed by RESPONSIBLE Adults...and I stress the word RESPONSIBLE...because not just because a person is an adult by definition, does not always equate responsibility.

    When, and only when, a person can fully understand and handle the benefits and the risk of sexual activity should they go ahead and partake...until we all can get that...then I say we educate, educate, and educate some more on safe sex....because at the very least, wrap it up!


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