Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pastor Joel Osteen - Homosexuality is a sin

Pastor Joel Osteen and his wife are guests on the Piers Morgan show tonight and this will be another ratings score for CNN. In the interview Pastor Osteen admits that he believes that homosexuality is a sin. He says "The scripture shows that it's a sin. But you know that I am not one of the people to bash homosexuals and tell them they're terrible people and all that......I dont believe homosexuality is God's best for a person's life" Really now Joel?

Those are some controversial statements from what some critics have called a theological lightweight - talking more about sunshine and not enough sin.

What do you think about his statements? Is homosexuality a sin?


  1. Homosexuality is a sin, its a sin simply because God says so.If you try to reason, you will conclude otherways.Its a sin just like any other you know and you dont need to separate yourself from them otherwise you will have to separate yourself from liers etc as well. The fact is that everybody is a sinner and homosexuals are not worse sinners than liers nor are they less sinners. We have to understand that unless we admit that we are sinners we cannot be saved for Christ died for sinners and that include homosexuals. So Jesus loves homosexuals but he does not approve their actions so he died to save them from their sins.

  2. You know I love Joel and Victoria and I support their ministry.

    According to the Bible and our common faith as Joel, Victoria and I are all Christian...yes, Homesexuity IS a sin.

    I didn't write the Bible but I do believe in it and God.

    While as a Christian I agree with the Bible...that gives me No right to judge anyone for their sexual preference. I do believe that people do not choose to be gay...I think it's an inherent nature and pre-dispositioned.

    God's love is for EVERYONE...He came and died for sinners, like me! There isn't anything we can do to separate ourselves from God's Love. Homosexuality is a sin, well so is premarital sex...and Lord knows I do that....does He love me any less? Absolutely not! Should people scorn me because I'm a fornicator? Absolutely not! Should I be beaten because I sin against God? Heaven forbid!

    Therefore we should not shun, judge, ridicule or beat any person who is Gay because it's a sin...if that be the case, we'd be shunning the entire world because as The Bible says "All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God"


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