Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kenyan mother 'cursed' with six sets of twins

Gladys Bulinya at home with five of her six sets of twins
Can you imagine having six sets of twins? Well for one woman this is her reality. Meet Gladys Bulinya and her 6 sets of twins! Yep you read that right. No, they don't share the same daddy, read all about her sad story here... but  Gladys has no regrets and sees all her children as God's blessings.

Unfortunately for Gladys the tribe in Kenya where she is from considers twins a curse. So imagine their horror when she continues to have multiple twin babies. Her relatives will have nothing to do with her and neither will her husband. This single mother lives in a one bedroom house with 10 of her 12 children.

Is she the Kenyan version of the Octo-Mom?

She has one kind Samaritan that will help her out, but even if the Samaritan is critical of Gladys saying ""The lady should have undergone sterilization after discovering that men were using and dumping her," she says.

What do you think? Should Gladys have stopped having babies?

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