Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In today's news...who knew that Jane Fonda had an African American daughter?

Jane Fonda with her daughter Mary Williams at Jane's 60th birthday party!

 Did you know that legendary actress Jane Fonda has an African American daughter? Neither did I!! I was flipping through O Magazine's February 2011 issue and across the article. 

In the article Mary Williams (now 43) details how at the age of 14 she transitioned from the streets of Oakland to Jane's plush hacienda in Santa Monica.. I don't want to give the story away, cause trust me it's a must read. But I will tell you that what makes the story even more remarkable is that Mary's parent were prominent high ranking members of the Black Panther Party.. For those that dont know what the Panther Party was- they were an organization founded in Oakland during the mid 60's to stop police brutality towards African Americans. What's even more interesting is how Williams and Fonda hooked up. Must read I tell you!

Read all about Mary's triumphant & inspiring journey by picking up the latest O Magazine issue.


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