Friday, January 14, 2011


Jermaine Jackson is stuck in Africa yall! This man's passport expired while he was in Africa and it cannot be renewed until he becomes current on his child support.

Considering Jermaine has racked up $91,921 in back child support since. If I were him, I would start applying for jobs in Burkina Faso.

Will the embassy help him out? Will Katherine Jackson step in and rescue him? Will his hair and skin melt in the African sun? So many questions so few answers!

Jermaine Jackson pondering his future in Africa?


  1. This is funny yet sad that he would even owe child support.... SMH

  2. Someone told me that Jermaine was back on US soil. I wil have to verify this and send out an update if it's true. And speaking of the kids names, what was he smoking naming one of his sons Jermajesty? How do you get a job with a name like that!


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