Monday, January 17, 2011

Dont flush the toilet with the seat up and other great life lessons

It is no secret that I love Oprah Winfrey. I watch her television show, her newly founded OWN channel and of course O Magazine. I have gathered another top 5 list..but this one is all of all the recent gems that I have learned from reading her magazine. Let's get started.

1. It's ok to wear white jeans in the fall and winter. Forget that old adage that white jeans can't be worn after Labor Day. In the winter match your jeans with a fall winter pieces like a leather jacket, paisley scarf or thin sweater.

2. So now that you are relieved that you can keep your white jeans all year long, Dr Oz has some interesting news for you. Did you know that flushing the toilet with the seat up can send bacteria any and everywhere (up to 6 feet) including onto your bristles. Keep your toothbrush inside your medicine cabinet, not on the counter to prevent germs from hitting up your toothbrush.

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3. Read a book. Terry McMillian just recently released her new book entitled Getting to Happy her eighth novel. It's the sequel to Waiting to Exhale and details how the women have fared over the past 15 years. Word on the street is that she is currently writing a screenplay for her new book. Wonder if Whitney Houston will make an appearance as Savannah?

2. Join twitter! According to  Mama O Twitter is a thriving meeting place for professionals in creative industries and an easy way to increase visibility- by following and occasionally responding to tweets from executives in the industry that you are interested in.

1. Turn your dreams into goals. Do you lack self direction? According to Dr.Phil you need to recast yourself as a goal setter. He urges you to get a timeline for progress coupled with accountability. Most importantly he says make sure that your hour to hour decisions and behavior jive with your ambitious long term goals.

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